A - Introduction
B - Acceptance of general conditions of sale
C - How to Buy
D - Payment
   1. Advanced Bank Transfer
   2. Cash on delivery
E - Minimum Order
F - to fulfill your order - Timing
   1. Request for urgent shipments
G - Delivery Methods
H - Shipping costs
I - Warranty
L - The advantages F.G.A.Service s.a.s.
M - Privacy

A- Introduction
In this particular section of our portal, you want to address, in fluid and detailed manner in order to facilitate the business relationship with all those companies who choose our products, marketed through the website "". All contracts for the purchase, through the site between the vendor and the customer, shall be governed as a marketing activity among companies who prefer electronic transactions that properly are indicated by the acronym B2B and will be an integral part below of the General Conditions. The F.G.A. Service s.a.s not Sells to Private (Business to Consumer), but distributes them with great advantages in various sectors such as: Leather goods, Perfumery, Clothing, Housewares, Stationery, Tobacco, Toys Stores, Cash & Carry and wholesalers. Upon request, we are also involved in advertising and custom umbrellas for businesses and hotels.
B - Acceptance of general conditions of sale
1. The order signed with F.G.A. Service s.a.s to be considered successful, only after the acceptance, even partial, of 'order by F.G.A. Service s.a.s, who reserves the right, upon accurate technical / administrative checks, to accept or not the up said order. Acceptance is considered tacit after 15 days of silence / consent, unless otherwise notified by any other means to the customer. By placing an electronic order, the Customer declares to be informed of all the information provided during the procedure d 'purchase and accept the general terms and conditions of payment listed below.
2. In the event of misuse of the product sold, the customer can not in any way do damage claim, or demand any compensation.
C - How to Buy
1. The customer through the order-e may only purchase products in the viewable media library as mentioned above, at: F.G.A. Service sas reserves the right to change / adapt the technical and economic information of the products concerned, so as to conform constantly market performance for binding raw materials, without any notice, but always available through the contact section to provide case you request is made all the necessary clarifications. It is understood that the picture accompanying the description of a product can not be fully representative of its characteristics, and differ in color, size, and accessories in the picture.
2. The receipt of the order, will be confirmed by F.G.A.Service s.a.s. through an e-mail reply, the email address with which the customer signed up. This confirmation message will include the "Customer Order Number" to be used in any further communication with FGAService sas The message will include all data provided by the customer, who will engage in a reasonable time to see how they fit and promptly notify any corrections data on non-compliant. the customer can also check all stages of your order through the area dedicated to him in the section: "your orders."
3. In case of non-acceptance, the F.G.A.Service s.a.s. It agrees to immediately notify the customer.
4. The prices are expressed in Euros (€), net of value added tax (VAT) in force in their respective product categories. The price of all goods resulting once the order is excluded from any customs duties and / or additional sales taxes, required for import of goods in foreign territory. Any additional charges for customs clearance will be borne by the recipient.
5. The over-the-customer users access to site and the simultaneous sending electronic orders, can change the availability of the product, in this regard the F.G.A.Service s.a.s. not being able to instantly deliver the right allocation of merchandise, send in a commercially reasonable timeframe confirmation by e-mail of the assignment of the goods prior vision for completion of all the conditions of payment.
D - Payment
1. Advanced Bank Transfer
As ordered by the customer is kept busy until receipt of proof of payment. To speed up the operations of delivery, the customer is asked to send by mail the payment receipt of the bank showing the number of CRO. Sending or withdrawal, by the Customer's courier, of the order takes place only when the actual crediting to c / c of F.G.A.Service s.a.s. which must occur within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the order; beyond that timeframe, the order is deemed automatically canceled. The purpose of the bank transfer must include: order number which is released in the confirmation email or invoice number. The bank on which credit transfer can be found in the confirmation email sent after the order process.


E - Minimum order quantity established
 The minimum amount of supply is established for an amount of € 99.00. They are excluded from the calculation of the minimum order: transport costs, exhibitors costs, VAT at 22% and incidental charges. If the order placed on does not reach this amount, the anomaly will be communicated to the customer by e-mail or phone. If within 5 days of notice, the customer will reformulate the "Minimum Order", the F.G.A.Service s.a.s. considers the order canceled.
The minimum order constraint applies only to the first order placed by the customer. For more restocking so it is not obligatory to respect the minimum order.
F - to fulfill your order - Timing
The timing of orders, whose products are in stock, will be within a minimum time of 3 days and maximum of 15 days. working. In the case of inventory shortage (even partially) the F.G.A.Service s.a.s. contact the customer to inform him on the date of shipment.
1. Requests for urgent shipments. For such requests please contact Customer Service at:
G - Delivery Methods
The site is organized to accept and sort orders from national territory (Italy) and European. For every order placed on, the F.G.A.Service s.a.s. It emits immediate invoice for the order. For the issuance of the invoice, to the information provided by the Customer. No change in the bill will be possible after the issuance thereof. The payment of the goods by the customer will be using the method chosen when ordering. No fees or commission is due to F.G.A.Service s.a.s.
1. Courier Delivery
"The times of delivery courier, are an indication, the same may be subject to change due to force majeure or due to traffic conditions and traffic in general or by act. The standard delivery unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, will take place at the following times: from 8.30 to 12.30, from 14.00 to 18.00 daily, except holidays, from Monday to Friday. In the absence of the customer, the courier will leave a notice and retry delivery in 24 hours later, in case of further absence, it is again left notice and the customer is contacted by the courier for the third attempt. If this also does not be successful, the client will be contacted by FGAService sas which will define the details of delivery. If the fourth attempt does not succeed, the goods will be made to FGAService sas, resulting in cancellation of the order will owe nothing to the customer. no responsibility can be attributed to FGAService sas in case of delay in the order or delivery of goods ordered.
Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check:
• that the number of boxes is the same as indicated on the invoice;
• The packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials (adhesive tape or metal). Any damage or the mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, must be immediately reported to the courier who delivers, adding the word "withdrawal conditional" on the appropriate document and confirmed within seven days via Registered ar, FGAService sas , Via Ugo Foscolo, 86 80054 Gragnano (NA)
Despite the packaging intact, the goods must be checked within the same day of the delivery. Any defects must be reported in writing by mail. Each alert over these terms will not be taken into account. For each statement, the customer assumes full responsibility for the statements. Once signed the document courier, the customer can not make any objection about the appearance of what was delivered.
H - Shipping fees
The shipping costs are borne by the customer and are calculated only after having placed the order.
I - Warranty
All items are quality control tested by the manufacturer in addition to verification of our company staff when ordering. The F.G.A. Service s.a.s. It follows, according to the Consumer Code, the legal guarantee, which lasts one year (purchase with VAT) from the invoice date.
The reporting of the defect must be made within 2 months of discovery. In the presence of a lack of conformity, the consumer is entitled, to the repair or replacement of defective goods by the seller, without charge, unless the remedy requested is impossible or disproportionate to the other. If the replacement or repair are not possible the consumer is still entitled to a note's credit to climb on the next order, commensurate with the value of the property, against the return to the seller of the defective product.
The consumer who demanded the replacement of the past well 6 months from date of purchase, it will have to provide evidence that the defect is not derived from a bad or careless use of the product.
WARNING: the products of GRIMALDI SUPER ECONOMY brand and are not covered by the guarantee and therefore it will not be repaired, it will be replaced and refunded in case of defect.
 L - The advantages F.G.A. Service s.a.s.
Summing will find below the main features for optimum collaboration with F.G.A. Service s.a.s:
- Order Scheduled (in this case replaces the function of the representative);
- Prices blocked from the time of order until the date of delivery of the goods;
M - Privacy
The personal information requested under the order are collected from F.G.A.Service s.a.s. and processed on computer media, in order to meet the obligations under the contract with the customer and will not under any circumstances and no license to third parties. The F.G.A.Service s.a.s. guarantees its customers the respect of rules on the processing of personal data covered by the Privacy Code under LD. No 196 of 30.06.03. The data controller is F.G.A.Service s.a.s. The customer, at all times have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data by written notice to be sent to F.G.A.Service s.a.s. - Via Ugo Foscolo, 86-80054 Gragnano (NA) The customer, who who claims to have received the information pursuant to art. 13 and on to the same rights under Article. 7 of Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003, has the right to access their data in the manner specified therein. Marketing communications will be sent only with the explicit consent of the customer released together with the processing and sending the registration form online.